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Nonton Movie: Mere Dad Ki Maruti (2013)

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Mere Dad Ki Maruti (2013)

Mere Dad Ki Maruti (2013)

Genre: Komedi
Tahun: Durasi: 101 MenitDilihat: 44 просмотров
IMDB Rate: 12 voting, rata-rata 6,4 dari 10
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Twenty-something Sameer is a brat who thinks he can get away with anything. When he lands a lucky date with ‘Chandigarh Ki Shakira’, Jasleen, he decides to sneak out his Dad’s brand new Maruti without a second thought. After a mad night at a pub, a fun drive around the famous Gehri route and one peck on the cheek, Sameer ends up losing the car. The car was meant to be a gift for his sister on her wedding and is probably the only thing his stingy dad, Tej Khullar ever spent money on. With only three days to find it, he must ensure his dad doesn’t get a whiff of what he has done. Else, he will be turned into butter chicken. Sameer’s life will be turned upside down as he comes face-to-face with some insane characters like a Bhai from chor bazaar, an old man with a rifle pointed at his nose and of course, the Chandigarh cops.


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